Ringing in the new year (finally)

The new year calls for some resolutions, and here's to keeping promises despite the odds stacked up against me (here's an apt reference from PhD Comics)

1. Have a short story finished (this means finally getting over the two page hump)

2. Become a cook of edibles that would not embarrass me to serve to guests

3. Make use of that school pool that I'm already paying the fees for

4. Work more, think more, be intelligent

5. SLEEP MORE (this means at least be in bed before the next day)

2014 is an ambitious year seeing that numbers 1 - 4 are in direct opposition to 5.
up up and away


One word: Internet! Hoorayayay! Oh joyous day!

Did something productive, and very grownup, with it just now. Ah-hem, I paid my electic bill, online. Go me!
all grown up

checking in

It's been a few weeks since graduation and life hasn't slowed down yet. My aspiration for this summer is to be a professional bum. To do nothing and to think nothing. So far, I have failed miserably. It's a popular advice for imminent PhD students to embark on a journey of bumhood the summer before their first year. For everyone knows that for the next half decade, we would be doing nothing but grind our noggin. But I've been trapped in that endless cycle in which I tell myself, "I will relax after I finish this." Inevitably "that" follows"this." Strung together on a repetitious cycle and the two words form a fearsome duo. What I do look forward to doing in less than two weeks is a July version of NanoWrimo with my pals. We've all come to an agreement that November is simply an impossible month for writing and decided to dubb July our own writing holiday!

If you have the time and ambition to make July something hellish, do join us! junowrimo.wordpress.com/

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I couldn't resist. This for sure deserves a post of its own. My very own virtual hamster. AWWW. Oh and yay, I've changed my journal to something fresh and a bit like Spring, which we are all in need of this beastly winter.
Alice and Cat

"Take Care of The Sense" Part 1

Title: "Take Care of The Sense"
Fandom: X Factor 2010 RPS
Pairing: Matt Cardle/Aiden Grimshaw
Disclaimer: Only in an AU.
Genre: ABSURDISM and slash, but mostly absurdism. Read at your own discretion.
Summary: Circus!AU. In which Aiden escapes a minor existential crisis by joining a circus.
A/N: Title taken from Alice in Wonderland, hence the icon. This is dedicated to savingcolours 
 because she is genius, an incredible painter, and the zebra would not exist otherwise. ♥ It's also inspired by Pushing Daisies, which explains a lot. This fic really is chock full of ridiculousness, and I cannot stress that enough. And I would understand completely if savingcolours  does not want to be associated with this in any way. (Psst, just say the word, and I will use the edit button.) Also, immense apologies for any Americanizing along the way, but I thought it would be best to be consistent in language style. If the text formatting comes out odd, forgive me!

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it's been a good year

Okay. Loads to do. It's been a fabulous holiday, aside from a minor illness, and I've resolved to stop shopping for clothes that are inappropriate for the season (really, I'm sincere; this time around, I mean it). Of course that means I've gone over my budget on my birthday on skirts and frills. You see, one is dependent on the other (because they are attached), and guilt never comes cheap. I had a celebratory dinner with my extended family, which involved expensive Sushi that came in small portions (now there's another codependent relationship) and a homemade banana cake, blueberry muffins, and cheesecake/cupcake (it was baked in a cupcake holder). For the first time ever, I've spent New Year's Eve with my friends, and it only took eight years for it to happen. Here's my 2010 flashback: first time we ice-skated together, first anime convention, first picnic, first time applying to grad school, first publications, first time using Facebook, first time writing slash, first club night, first drinks together, first birthday sleepover. I'm sure there's many more first times, but wow, I can only hope that 2011 will follow in the same vein. It's a tough year to follow, 2011, but I have faith in you!

Right, now on to my immediate agenda:

1. Edit mazes
2. Copy edit for magazine
3. Write a story
4. Prepare grad school reimbursement (words cannot describe how I loathe paperwork)
5. Finish Maiden fanfic
6. See NYC Ballet's production of Nutcracker and Swan Lake
7. Sketch more Roman nudes in the Met (I refer to these sketches as my porn collection)
8. Polish off a few books on my reading list

These goals are more "distant", aka "Who are you kidding?"

1. Exercise more (those H&M skirts are starting feel tight round the hips)
2. Every book on the BBC list (recently read 1984; about time, too)
3. Be more on top of current events
4. Be less technologically deficient

Yup. Those are my resolutions. We all know how those things go down. I would totally put this damn post under a cut, except for the fear that everything would disappear. Hardly the first time lj pulled a Houdini on me.

the short of it (previously known as nothing short of everything)

So this is the second time I'm attempting to post this entry because it disappeared the first time and this is what was saved. /headdesk. Well, Maiden is the only important bits anyway, right?

Right. So the following words will be lengthy recaps of what's been happening the last few months and on more recent events as well. I mean, it's about time I put my life into words right? This really is the best time for writing in a journal seeing that NYC is currently all snowed in and I haven't more urgent matters to get to during the holidays. I'm rereading my last few sentences and I'm sounding wry and bitter. Why is that? I don't mean to sound bitter. Not at all. Really.  If anything I should be chipper and relaxed because all my grad applications are submitted (crossing everything that could possibly be crossed) and finals are over and my grades are acceptable. The only twinge of regret I feel is that I haven't worked on more stories for my writing tutorial. I will have to rectify that this vacation! I'm even feeling up for a fanfiction piece (a writing category I don't dapple in all that often personally, though I do love me some good fanfics) for Maiden. I can hardly believe I haven't even mentioned the beauty that is Maiden in this journal yet. I mean it is only the bromance shipped by every sensible citizen in the UK. This is a most generous ship that doesn't make the fangirls work too hard. Or at all. Their public flirtatious antics are much appreciated. Do keep it up. It is my first X Factor season and I think it's a safe bet to call it the best season ever. The Ballad of Maiden + Matt crowned = best X Factor season. It's math, therefore trufax.

"I'm a reader before I'm a thinker, before I'm a writer..."

Life's been impossibly hectic of late. So much so that I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing anymore. At times like these, I do what I do best: procrastinate. Though seriously, I have to get a move on (or at least start) that story that's tentatively due in a week, work on those grad school apps like nobody's business (these monsters have to be shipped out in a month and I'm counting eight furries in the dark), come up with an innovative idea for my research project, for which IRB proposals are due in Nov. 8th (that's like tomorrow!), experiment a bit more about that enticing practice known as polygamy (haha, it's a 15 pager, no joke; and I've got to stop with these parenthetical commentaries), and open dusty new textbooks for next week's exams. SLFHJSOHLFSJ!!! SIGH. Well, now that that's off my chest, I can try respirating again.

But. But. Today was/is (since I'm still living it) awesome! I met Junot Diaz in a private Q&A arranged by my writing prof. He's all chill and uses vernacular like "Man" and "Fuck" often, but whoo boy is he deep. He seems to philosophisize every step of his writing process when it comes to the relation of his written work and the human condition. It's not a new concept though inspiring all the same when he noted that when it comes to fiction and world building the effort and creative energies necessary for producing genre fiction (though he referenced science fiction in particular since it's his pet genre) or "realistic," or aka literary, fiction (I do believe he made the bunny quotes with his fingers at this point) are equally demanding. I got my copy of "Drown" and my friend's Oscar Wao book signed. Squee! I'm such a groupie/fangirl. Mr. Diaz is very sweet and he's teaching at NYU next year. It's harder than ever to resist applying for grad school in the writing field.

Since my research internship at NYU ended (darn now I have no reason to stalk the school when Mr. Diaz is there), I'm doing my research (and getting paid!) in Baruch. Today's participants were great and I always love running sessions with Steven. He's so dependable.

Right. So, better get back to my reading and literature search.